Holy Rosary Audio Free Download mp3 English Spanish

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Ganre: Spoken Word: Religious Texts

Release Date: 2003

Available as CD or Download in English or Spanish

The Holy Rosary Audio

A Note from the Producer

“The Joyful Mysteries” double CD album of the Holy Rosary was created as a tool for those who wish to pray the Rosary every day. Be it at home or on your way to work, this production is a great companion to say the Rosary. It is beautifully orchestrated. The music and singing never interfere with the prayers causing distraction, but rather you will be able to maintain your focus in your meditation of the Mysteries.

Also available in Spanish.

Demo Tracks Free Download mp3

Rosary Joyful Mysteries by Children of Mary in English and Spanish demo tracks mp3 audio free download

Buy and download double CD album of the Holy Rosary. It includes the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries. This production contains the traditional catholic prayers of Our Blessed Virgin Mary and is beautifully orchestraded.